Welcome to our NEW website.

Our NEW website goes LIVE!

Born during Covid19

We embarked on building the new website about 1 week after lockdown knowing we had the time to dedicate too the project. There have been many late evenings and dozens of phone calls to get to where we are now. Not being allowed out of our homes for months made it a challenge to get going – but drive and determination saw us through. The intitial idea was to create a site that became useful to visitors as well as a great place to shop for your Tartan Army gear. We have decided to include lots more sports and not just football as we feel that anyone should be proud to wear the Tartan Army brand whatever age or sport they are interested in.

Moving forward we hope to bring you video clips, great photographs and we hope you guys want to get involved with us and be part of the "Tartan Army" movement.

Scotland is an awesome country to explore and we think we can help you make some decisions and choices. We have already been talking to interested parties about outdoor joint ventures and it really is exciting. If you think you can bring something to our table to enhance peoples choices, we want to hear from you.

It's a massive job for us to get the site fully populated but with your help and encouragement we'll get there.

Here's a wee clip of Scotland Winning the Calcutta Cup.
Scotland delivered the result their fans have been waiting 38 long years for with a thrilling 11-6 victory over England in their Six Nations opener at Twickenham.

Here's to many more great victories for Scotland.

Man Skiing

It's never to early to join the tartan army.

Highland Based

We are based in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland. This gives us a bit of an advantage when it comes to deliveries. For too long, we Highlander's have been rather miffed at the exorbitant postal charges we have to suck up to get stuff delivered here. Our hope is to turn that around and by sending out from Scotland the same will not apply. 

It's a win, win for all of us. We dont have to charge silly prices to send a parcel to London or Shetland.

cairngorm national park

thanks for joining our journey.

Give us your Feedback

Because we have only just embarked on this journey it would be lovely to hear from you guys too find out how we are doing. We are open to suggestions about things you would like or need from a website. We will be running competitions with great prizes for all sorts of different things – best video, best photograph, best story, best selfie and best laugh. We Scot's do love a laugh, especially at ourselves.

We'll also keep you informed about all our special offers and website deals. It would be great if you joined our Instagram and Facebook pages as we'll be posting regularly about all things sporty in Scotland.